What is a fan clutch replacement?

In this service, a mechanic will check to see if your fan clutch is broken and replace it if necessary.
The fan clutch regulates the speed at which the cooling fan spins against the radiator. The fan has to spin more when the engine heats up.
Whether it’s causing the fan to spin too much or too little, a malfunctioning fan clutch can prove detrimental to your car.

How to replace a fan clutch

When a mechanic replaces a fan clutch, they will normally do the following:
  • Remove the fan shroud to allow access to the fans
  • Identify and remove the faulty fan clutch
  • Install a new fan clutch
  • Reinstall the fan shroud
  • Test the new clutch to make sure it’s working correctly
More often than not, the mechanic will replace the clutch outright, but the original could be repaired in some instances.

How do I know if I need to get my fan clutch replaced?

A few common indications will signal that the fan clutch needs to be replaced:
  • The vehicle is either overheating or not cooling properly
  • The engine compartment is rattling or vibrating
  • You hear scraping or clicking sounds from the engine compartment

How important is repairing my fan clutch?

This service is necessary because a faulty fan clutch reduces your vehicle’s efficiency and capacity to keep the engine cool.
A faulty fan clutch could cause the fans to spin too fast, wasting engine power or spin too slowly, overheating the engine. Your vehicle may be damaged in either situation.

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