What is an exterior car door handle replacement?

In this situation, the service worker will replace your outer door handle and/or the exterior latch assembly, which keeps the handle intact and functional.
You may also need to have your interior door handle examined or replaced, since a problem with one handle may indicate or lead to a problem with the other.

How to replace an exterior car door handle

Exterior door handle replacement involves the following steps:
  • Purchase a new handle
  • Remove the outer door panel
  • Detach the fasteners around the handle
  • Remove the faulty door handle
  • Slide in the new handle and key the lock cylinder to make sure the handle opens with your existing key (if applicable)
  • Confirm the handle is sitting at the right angle and screw in the fasteners 

When do I need to replace my exterior door handle? 

It’s time to have someone look at your exterior door handle if it’s visibly damaged, feels loose when you pull it, takes excessive force to open the door, or the door won’t open or close at all.
If you’re having problems opening your door from the outside, do not try to force the door open. This can cause further damage to the handle and door. 

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