What is an evaporation vent solenoid replacement?

The evaporation vent solenoid is an important part of your car’s evaporative emissions control system, which manages fuel vapors that form in the gas tank. The system uses valves to vent the vapors to the engine, where they are burned.
When open, the evaporation vent solenoid brings clean air into the system, which is pressurized and helps deliver fuel vapor to the engine.
The evaporation vent solenoid is monitored by the engine control module (ECM). When the vent solenoid is closed, the engine control module performs a pressure test.
If everything is working correctly, the control module should sense no drop in pressure. If the pressure does drop, the ECM will assume the system has a leak and trigger your check engine light to turn on.
Pro Tip: Sometimes a loose gas cap can cause the engine control module to detect a pressure drop and signal a false alarm.

How to replace an evaporation vent solenoid

Here’s how your mechanic will replace the evaporation vent solenoid:
  • Identify the problem with evaporation vent solenoid
  • Remove the faulty evaporation vent solenoid and install a new one
  • Test the engine with a scanner to ensure proper operation
  • Test drive the vehicle to make sure everything’s working
The procedure sounds straightforward, but accessing solenoids can require disassembling surrounding car parts. This is a job best left to a professional.

When do I need an evaporation vent solenoid replacement?

If your evaporation vent solenoid has stopped working, you may notice the following symptoms:
  • Your check engine light is on
  • The gas nozzle constantly clicks off while you’re trying to refuel, even though your tank isn’t full yet
  • Your car fails an emissions test
A faulty vent solenoid is one of the most common problems that can arise with a vehicle’s emissions system.
If a vent solenoid valve is stuck open, the engine control module will believe a leak is present. When it’s stuck closed, refueling your car can become a hassle—since the fuel tank isn’t getting properly vented, the fuel nozzle can continuously shut off while you’re trying to refill.
Problems with the vent solenoid are more of an annoyance than serious safety or performance issues. Still, you’ll want to replace a failed evaporation vent solenoid promptly to avoid long-lasting emissions problems.

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