What is an engine variable valve timing (VVT) oil control valve replacement?

A mechanic will inspect the engine VVT oil control valve for damage. The mechanic will remove the old oil control valve. Then they’ll lubricate the solenoid and grease the solenoid spool where it sits before installing the new valve.
Often this problem starts with low oil levels. Getting your vehicle serviced regularly can help you avoid damage to the VVT solenoid.

How to replace an engine variable valve timing (VVT) oil control valve

Your mechanic will replace the VVT oil control valve following these general steps:
  • Disconnect the battery and find the VVT solenoid
  • Remove mounting bolts, disconnect and remove the VVT oil control valve
  • Lubricate the VVT solenoid
  • Apply lithium grease to solenoid spool seals
  • Insert the VVT oil control valve, insert the mounting screws, and fasten
  • Reconnect the battery

When do I need to replace my engine variable valve timing (VVT) oil control valve?

If you notice your car is sluggish, it may be time to replace your engine variable valve timing control valve. A VVT oil control valve may need replacing when:
  • Gas mileage noticeably decreases
  • Car shakes when idling
  • Check engine light turns on
  • Car loses power when accelerating

How important is an engine variable valve timing (VVT) oil control valve replacement?

Get this repair done right away. The above symptoms mean your car could lose power at any time, especially when going uphill. This could be dangerous for both you and other drivers on the road.
Fortunately, this is a pretty common issue, and your mechanic should be able to fix the VVT oil control valve pretty easily. While it’s a common fix, you can expect to pay anywhere between $150 and $450 for both labor and replacement parts.

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