Melanie Reiff
Updated on Aug 11, 2022
If your car engine is shaking, pulsating, or vibrating, your mechanic should perform an inspection of the spark plugs, hoses, battery terminal connections, and air filters at a minimum.
If you suspect that something is wrong with your engine, you should immediately visit your mechanic. Your car may not be safe to drive, and it could also be a sign of bigger issues. This is why car insurance super app Jerry has put together everything you need to know about why your engine might be shaking, pulsating, or vibrating.
The exact cost varies between different Bertone models. For example, newer vehicle models are usually made with more expensive materials, so recent or high-end models will cost more, especially if your service requires a part replacement. Use the table below to estimate the cost for your own vehicle.

What is an engine is shaking, pulsating, or vibrating inspection?

If you notice that your car’s engine is shaking, pulsating, or vibrating, your mechanic should perform the necessary inspection.
While this issue requires immediate attention, some of the reasons behind it might be normal— like needing to replace the spark plugs. On the other hand, some causes may be more serious or elude to something larger and costlier, like a broken engine mount.

How to service an engine that is shaking, pulsating, or vibrating

There may be several reasons as to why this is happening. Though, it is most likely one of the following reasons:
  • Old and worn spark plugs and wires. This is the most common reason and the first thing a mechanic will inspect
  • Loose or disconnected hoses on and around the engine
  • Loose connections at the positive and negative battery terminals
  • Very dirty or clogged air filters can also cause your engine to underperform
  • Loose timing belts
Since there are several potential reasons behind an engine shaking, pulsating, or vibrating, it’s best left to a professional to determine what is wrong.

How important is the engine is shaking, pulsating, or vibrating inspection?

This inspection is quite important. Anything potentially wrong with your car engine should be treated as a serious problem.
You want your mechanic to perform an inspection right away, even if it’s just to check old spark plugs. This also is the best approach to rule out the presence of anything more serious.

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Keep in mind that your location is another factor that determines the final cost of repairs. Areas with higher cost of living will usually have more expensive car repair services, especially if there’s less local competition. Check out the table below for an estimate of what Bertone drivers pay in different cities.
Jerry doesn’t just offer fair price repair estimates for Bertone drivers! Our team of writers has collected everything you need to know for every car. Here’s how much the repair costs for some popular cars:
CarTotal Cost EstimateParts CostLabor CostAverage Dealer PriceEstimated Service Duration
E-150 Econoline Club Wagon
488 GTB
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