What is an engine is running louder than normal Inspection?

If you notice that your car’s engine is running louder than normal, you should immediately visit your mechanic. This way, your mechanic can identify and fix the problem.
Some of the reasons behind an engine running louder than normal require only routine fixes. Others, though, may point to bigger issues. If not attended to, these issues can damage other systems and end up costing you more in the end.

How to service an engine running louder than normal

Since this problem most likely stems from the exhaust system, the inspection should include the following:
  • Failing Muffler: This is the most common cause. Mufflers can succumb to wear and tear from being exposed to heat, weather, road conditions, and pressure.
  • Failing Catalytic Converter: The catalytic converter is part of the exhaust system and the engine can be louder when it fails. Also, the exhaust can expel the smell of rotten eggs.
  • Broken Tail Pipe: Holes can develop in a rusted tailpipe, making it noisier.
  • Leak in Exhaust Manifold: A leak in the exhaust manifold can force the engine to run louder. If this part cracks, it can lead to worse problems—like melting the nearby plastic components.
  • Work Seals or Gaskets: An exhaust system is made up of many seals and gaskets, all of which are important. The engine will run more loudly if they stop working or need to be replaced.
  • Malfunctioning Oxygen Sensors: The car’s computer adjusts the amount of fuel entering the engine based on data. A failing or dirty sensor could result in the wrong amount of fuel being injected into the engine.
  • Bad or Dirty Spark Plugs: Spark plugs in need of cleaning or repair can cause the car to misfire and run louder than usual.
  • Dirty Mass Airflow Sensor: A dirty airflow sensor can also result in the incorrect amount of fuel being sent to the injectors. This can make the engine run improperly and be louder than normal.

How important is an engine is running louder than normal inspection?

Cars rely on their exhaust system to run quietly, smoothly, and safely. If something is wrong with this system, then your car might be dangerous to drive and should undergo an inspection.
Exhaust fumes also are not healthy to inhale. Even minor exhaust issues can deteriorate into worse problems that require much more expensive repairs.

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