What is a driveshaft lubrication?

In this inspection, a mechanic can determine the cause of your ignition ignitor’s malfunction and provide you with a thorough inspection report that includes any repairs that are required.
Make sure to look through your vehicle’s handbook to see if the manufacturer has included any particular advice on how to service and lubricate the driveshaft.

How do I know if I need my driveshaft lubricated?

There are a few frequent indications that should warn you that your driveshaft needs to be lubricated:
  • While the car is in gear, you may hear clicking or grating sounds.
  • While the vehicle is running, there is some vibration.

How to lubricate your driveshaft

A mechanic will often do the following steps when lubricating your driveshaft:
  • Raise the vehicle and support it on jack stands
  • Locate the slip joints and U-joints on all driveshafts
  • Pump grease into the grease fittings of these parts
  • Lower the vehicle off the jack stands

How important is it to get my driveshaft lubricated?

One of the leading causes of driveshaft failure is a lack of lubrication. Driveshafts can fail while in motion, causing more expensive parts surrounding them to fail.
It’s important to stay ahead of our driveshaft’s maintenance to avoid any additional costs in the future, so be sure to check your manual and keep an eye out for any possible issues.

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