How do you replace a drive belt tensioner?

In this service, the mechanic will: 
  • Check for odd sounds—such as squeaking or grinding—in the engine 
  • Remove the drive belt and inspect the drive belt pulleys and tensioner
  • Replace the drive belt tensioner and other parts if faulty
  • Re-check engine after assembly to make sure everything is working properly
Pro Tip Typically, your mechanic will need to replace the drive belt alongside the drive belt tensioner. The drive belt pulleys may also need replacement.

How do I know I have my drive belt tensioner replaced?

Squeaking and grinding noises when you drive—or even just a squealing noise when you start your car up—are the most significant clues that you might need your drive belt tensioner replaced. 

How important is it to get my drive belt tensioner replaced?

Get your drive belt tensioner replaced promptly if it is not operating correctly. If your drive belt tensioner—and thus your serpentine belt—isn’t operating correctly, you’ll run the risk of getting stranded on the side of the road when something breaks down fully. 

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