What is a door will not shut inspection?

If your door won’t shut and you’ve wisely decided against breaking out the duct tape, take your car to a mechanic so they can diagnose and fix the problem. During this inspection, the mechanic will take a look at the door and lock mechanisms in order to determine the culprit.
Depending on the severity of the issue, the entire door panel may have to be removed in order for the mechanic to fix the issue, especially if it involves a cable.
Most people don’t realize, but your vehicle performs a delicate mechanical (or, in new cars, electronic) dance every time you open or close your car doors—here’s what happens when you perform this simple task:
  • The latch on the inner edge of your door connects with a cable attached to both the inner and outer door handles
  • When a door closes, this latch closes around a catch, situated on the opposite inner door frame edge, and holds it shut until you open the door again
If the latch and catch are worn out or not aligned, your door won’t close properly, potentially putting you at risk. Sometimes, the hinge that the door swings open and shut on can be faulty, which can prevent it from closing properly.

Inspection of a car door that won’t shut

Your mechanic will thoroughly inspect your stubborn car door in order to determine why it won’t close securely. Here are the most common problems they are likely to find:
  • Closed latch: Sometimes, a door latch can be accidentally tripped when the door is open—this will prevent the door from closing because a closed latch won’t secure itself to the catch. Your mechanic should be able to easily pop the latch out of its locked position, and your door should shut securely.
  • Worn out latch: Over the life of your car, you will open and close your doors thousands of times—this wear and tear can take its toll on the door latch, rendering it unable to function (and rendering you unable to close the door).
  • Faulty door catch: A damaged, bent, or missing latch will prevent the latch from gripping the catch, and your door won’t shut properly
  • Busted door handle cable: The cable that connects the latch to the door handle can become frayed or snap, another possible reason why your door won’t close.
  • Door alignment is off: Your car door’s components—namely the latch and the catch—must be aligned in order to secure themselves to each other for your door to close securely. If this alignment is off-kilter, your door won’t shut.

How important is an inspection for a car door that won’t shut?

Your doors are vital to keeping you safe on the road. Not only can doors block debris from entering the car and protect you in a collision, but your doors also prevent items from falling out of your car, such as your morning coffee, your purse, or yourself.
If you can’t shut your door, take the vehicle to a trusted mechanic and get it fixed. Your life may depend on it.

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