What is a car door lock actuator replacement?

Usually, a mechanic will assess the situation by conducting a few tests on your lock actuator. From there, the mechanic may have to open the lock actuator and take out the damaged actuator to see the issue closer.
In some instances, the mechanic may just replace the damaged part while preserving the original actuator. 
However, for some modern cars, the door lock assembly comes as one unit, meaning that the entire door lock system may have to be replaced rather than just the actuator itself. 

How to replace a car door lock actuator

Typically, the common symptoms of having a faulty car door lock actuator include the following:
  • Door won’t lock
  • Door won’t unlock
  • Car alarm goes off randomly
  • Doors will make unusual noises when locking or unlocking
While you can *technically* drive around with a bad door lock actuator, you may find yourself getting annoyed by manually locking and unlocking your car over an extended time. It’s a good idea to get your door lock actuator replaced sooner than later to avoid any future frustrations.

When do I need to replace my car door lock actuator?

Usually, the door lock system doesn’t need to be checked often—unless you notice something is wrong. If you see that your vehicle’s locking and unlocking system is behaving out of the ordinary, however, be sure to schedule an inspection with your mechanic.

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