What is a door does not lock or open inspection?

If your car door won’t lock or won’t open, a mechanic can inspect the door, your key fob, and other related components to get to the root of the problem.
Many times, the reason why your door won’t lock or open is that the lock is jammed, and this is usually an easy repair for a mechanic to make. Sometimes, the problem can run deeper and may require a bit more work, such as an electrical issue with a power door lock.

How to service a door that won’t lock or open

If your car door won’t lock or open, your mechanic will inspect a number of components to see if one of these common issues is to blame:
  • Dead key fob: That handy gizmo that unlocks and locks your door may just have a dead battery—this is inexpensive to solve if it’s the culprit.
  • Defective fob: If the fob itself is damaged, it may need to be replaced—if your mechanic can’t fix it, take the fob to your dealer, who will connect it to a computerized system to determine whether or not it is functioning properly.
  • Blown fuse: Age and simple overuse can cause a fuse to blow within the door’s locking mechanism.
  • Wiring issue: The wires connecting the door latch to the locking mechanism can become damaged or break, and this will prevent you from locking the door.
  • Defective actuator: The central component to your door’s locking mechanism, the actuator comprises an electric motor, gears, and linkage—if these parts aren’t working in unison or are broken, your door won’t lock and the actuator will need to be replaced.
  • Frozen mechanism: Cold weather can freeze your door’s locking mechanism—if you can get inside and start your car, the door should unfreeze as the engine warms up.
Once the mechanic figures out the problem, you can get it fixed.

How important is service for a door that won’t lock or open?

If your door won’t lock, you’ll want to get it looked at as soon as possible. You don’t want someone to steal your car or steal your belongings, right?
If one of your car doors won’t open, this may be less of an emergency, unless it’s the driver’s seat door, of course. Even if you can survive with only three functioning doors, you should still get this problem fixed.

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