What is a distributor O Ring replacement?

A car’s distributor shaft has two seals, one of which is an O Ring. When the distributor O Ring in the intake has a leak, oil and grime can form on both the intake and the outside of the distributor.
In this scenario, your distributor needs a new O Ring. This means that your mechanic will need to perform a distributor O Ring replacement. This is a rather common repair and, if handled promptly, shouldn’t worsen or pose any further issues.

How to replace a distributor O Ring

If an inspection reveals that your car’s distributor needs a new O Ring, then a mechanic will perform a replacement by doing the following:
  • Disconnect the battery
  • Remove the distributor cap
  • Remove the distributor and the broken distributor O Ring
  • Install a new distributor O Ring
  • Reinstall the distributor
  • Set the engine timing
  • Start the engine and test that the new distributor O Ring isn’t leaking
  • Road test the car
The cost varies based on several factors, mainly what type of car you have and what your mechanic charges.

How important is a distributor O Ring replacement?

Since one reason for a distributor O Ring replacement is to prevent or stop an oil leak, it should be treated as important.
That said, while a distributor O Ring replacement needs to be fixed right away, it is still considered to be a relatively minor fix. The best approach is to not let the problem linger to avoid having to pay for costlier repairs down the road.

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