What is a distributor replacement?

When you get a distributor replacement, your mechanic will replace the distributor or some of its components so that it functions properly.
The distributor is located inside the ignition system. Its job is to distribute the spark generated by the spark plugs in the engine’s combustion cylinders.
A damaged or malfunctioning distributor can:
  • Cause engine performance problems
  • Lead to abnormal noises
  • Trigger the Check Engine Light
  • Increase emissions

How to replace a distributor

A mechanic will follow these steps to replace the distributor:
  • Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  • Run all diagnostic tests to confirm that the distributor is not working.
  • On the compression stroke for cylinder number one, set the engine at dead center.
  • Mark the location of the distributor shaft and housing in conjunction with the engine mounting surface.
  • Take out the primary and secondary ignition system wiring that is connected to the distributor.
  • Remove the bolts and then remove the distributor.
  • Place a temporary cover over the hole in the head or block so that nothing drips or drops into the engine.
  • Install the new distributor along with the new cap and rotor.
  • Reconnect all wiring and the battery negative cable.
  • Turn on the engine and set the basic engine timing to the original equipment manager specification.
  • Check timing advance to ensure that it is working properly.
  • Test drive the car.

How important is a distributor replacement?

While it’s considered relatively safe to drive with a faulty distributor, it’s still important to get a new distributor if needed.
Keep in mind that a faulty distributor can make the car consume more fuel, increase emissions, and result in poor engine operation. None of this is good for your car, but it will not pose safety risks while driving.

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