What is a differential output seal replacement?

If your differential output seal is allowing fluid to leak onto the differential, you’ll need to have a differential output seal replacement as soon as possible. 
While differential seals are simple, they are an important part of keeping your car running. Differential seal failures cause a lack of lubrication to your car’s internal components, which can lead to gears and bearings overheating and seizing.  
You cannot check the fluid level of a differential with a dipstick—so if there is a leak, you will not know how much (or how little) is left. Taking your car to a mechanic is the best way to diagnose problems and have them fixed.

How to replace a differential output seal

Do not try to replace a differential output seal on your own. This is a service that should be completed by a certified mechanic. Here’s what they’ll do:
  • Verify that the differential output seal needs to be replaced
  • Lift the vehicle onto jack stands
  • Remove the CV axle and defective differential output seal using a seal removal tool
  • Install the new differential output seal, then reinstall the CV axle
  • Refill the differential and test for leaks
  • Remove the vehicle from the jack stands
  • Test the vehicle for proper operation of the differential output seal

When do I need to replace my differential output seal? 

The differential fluid should be part of routine car maintenance. You’ll usually need to replace it around 25,000 miles.
There are a couple of common signs that indicate you need a differential output seal replacement:
  • Oil leak—drips or puddles beneath your car
  • Whining or grinding noise from the rear of your car
If your mechanic notices a small leak during normal maintenance, it’s possible to wait on the repair. If the differential leak is significant, it’s best to have it replaced immediately to avoid serious internal damage.

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