What is a differential gasket replacement?

The differential gasket is the part of your vehicle that supplies power to the horizontal axis. It is lubricated with differential oil and sealed with a gasket to contain the fluid. 
If this seal leaks or the fluid is low, your car will emit grinding or whining noises from the front. This could indicate differential failure. You might also see puddles of fluid under the motor compartment.
If your differential gasket is leaking, you should take your car to the mechanic for a differential gasket replacement.

How to replace a differential gasket

If you suspect differential gasket failure, your mechanic will take the following steps to replace it: 
  • Put the vehicle on jack stands and remove front and rear wheels 
  • Place a drain pan under the front and rear differentials and drain the fluid
  • Replace the front differential gasket the fill the front differential
  • Replace the rear differential gasket and fill the rear differential
  • Reinstall the tires and remove the jack stands
  • Torque the tires to the correct specifications
  • Test the vehicle on the road to ensure proper operation
 If the leak was significant, the mechanic should also inspect the ring and pinion gears, along with the axles.

When do I need to replace my differential gasket? 

As soon as your car displays warning signs of a bad differential gasket, it’s time to have it serviced. These include:
  • Grinding or whining noise from the front, which can indicate a leaky seal or low fluid
  • Puddles of fluid under the motor compartment
In most cases, the differential gasket can be taken apart and replaced without much trouble—but it depends on the extent of any damage. 
Your mechanic should replace the differential the same day to ensure that the internal gears aren’t exposed. This can dry out the seals inside the housing.

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