What is a cruise control is not working inspection?

If you notice your cruise control is not working, take your vehicle to a qualified and trusted mechanic as soon as you can. The mechanic will inspect the system for one of these probable causes:
  • Faulty fuse: If a short circuit is detected, a fuse may blow, causing your cruise control system to stop working.
  • Damaged speed sensor: A speed sensor helps operate cruise control as well as monitor the vehicle’s speed. If it is damaged or fails, cruise control will stop working—engine performance may be hampered, and your speedometer may stop working as well.
  • Defective brake pedal switch: This switch turns the car’s brake lights on when the brake is pressed to disengage cruise control—if the switch fails, your car’s electronic control unit (ECU) may think the brakes are being pressed, rendering your cruise control system inoperable.
  • Faulty vacuum actuator: The actuator, along with a cable and hoses, controls cruise control in older vehicles—if the hoses are damaged or the cable snaps, the actuator will stop working, and cruise control won’t function.

How cruise control is inspected and fixed

To diagnose and fix any cruise control-related problems, your mechanic may take one (or more) of the following steps:
  • Connect the vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU) to a scanner to troubleshoot any problematic codes and search for problems
  • Inspect the cruise control system’s fuses and repair any of them as necessary
  • Check the brake pedal switch and surrounding wiring for any damage
  • Replace the brake pedal switch (if necessary)
  • Test the cruise control system and brake lights to ensure they are working in tandem
  • Examine the speed sensor and wires for any damage
  • Replace the speed sensor (if necessary) and inspect the wires connecting it to the cruise control switch and speedometer to ensure they work
  • Inspect the vacuum actuator, hoses, and cable for any damage or fraying
  • Replace the actuator (if necessary)

How important is a cruise control inspection?

Besides being inconvenient, a problem with your cruise control can indicate issues with some of your vehicle’s other components. Additionally, if your cruise control stops working suddenly, your car may sharply decelerate and potentially cause an accident.
If you think there is anything wrong with your vehicle’s cruise control, get a mechanic to inspect it as soon as possible.

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