What is a coolant recovery reservoir repair?

When you take your car in for a coolant recovery reservoir repair service, the mechanic will check the condition of the coolant recovery reservoir to determine if it needs to be repaired. The coolant recovery reservoir collects pressurized coolant from the engine cooling system and indicates the coolant levels.
The coolant recovery reservoir acts as the overflow for the extra coolant when it gets pressurized. The coolant flows in from the engine cooling system through a small hose and flows back to the system when it cools down.
There are also safe coolant level marks for when the engine is hot or cold. Newer vehicles often have a sensor to alert the driver when the levels are too low. You can refill the coolant directly from the reservoir if needed.
If the coolant recovery reservoir is faulty and leaking, the engine can become severely damaged from overheating. This can also damage the charging system and electrical accessories. It is recommended to get the reservoir repaired as soon as possible.

How to repair a coolant recovery reservoir

To repair a coolant recovery reservoir, the mechanic will follow the general steps below, but pay special attention, as every vehicle is different when it comes to flushing, refilling, or bleeding the cooling system.
  • Drain the coolant
  • Remove the old coolant recovery reservoir
  • Install the new coolant recovery reservoir
  • Refill the coolant and purge air
  • Check the coolant recovery reservoir for proper operation

When do I need to repair my coolant recovery reservoir?

If you notice the temperature gauge is in the red or any leaks, you may need a coolant recovery reservoir repair.
A combination of the following signs could also point to a faulty coolant recovery reservoir:
  • Steam from under the hood, wheel well, or front fender
  • Coolant levels are always low or the coolant level light is on
  • Sweet smell when the engine is running or just turned off

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