What is a clutch safety switch replacement?

Your clutch safety switch plays an integral part in keeping you and your vehicle safe because it plays a key role in preventing the engine from starting while the transmission is in gear.
Your mechanic will check your clutch safety by first assessing what position the switch is in. While your engine is off, the clutch safety switch should be in the closed position, preventing power from running through the ignition to the engine.
In most cases, a switch that remains in the open position, even after turning off the engine, indicates a failure with the clutch safety. This can be dangerous because it can allow the engine to shift into any gear, resulting in an accident or damage to your vehicle.

How to replace a clutch safety switch

Typically, your mechanic will do the following to properly replace the clutch safety switch:
  • Remove the clutch pedal and the dash panels
  • Disconnect the defective clutch safety switch
  • Re-install the new safety switch without pushing too far down on the clutch
  • Re-install pedal and dash panels 
  • Start vehicle to check on proper orientation of the clutch safety switch
Keep in mind, clutch switches usually cannot be repaired on their own and most likely will need to be replaced. 

When should I replace my clutch safety switch?

If you’re having issues starting your engine or enabling cruise control on your vehicle, you may want to check on your clutch safety switch.
A non-working clutch can be very dangerous to your vehicle and your vehicle’s surroundings. Without the safety switch, it could cause the engine to start with the transmission in gear, allowing the car to move without a driver. 
For automatic transmissions, this part is commonly known as a neutral safety switch, which can be found on the transmission, as automatic cars don’t have a clutch.

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