What is a clutch master and slave cylinder replacement?

When your mechanic checks on your clutch, they’ll usually check how much brake fluid is in the master cylinder—usually by feeling the amount of pressure it takes to step on the clutch and testing how smooth it is to switch gears. 
From there, the mechanic will remove the original clutch master and slave cylinder to inspect it. Once the problem is found, the mechanic will bleed out all the air inside the cylinder before replacing it. Then, the mechanic will conduct a final test.
Some clutch slave cylinders—depending on the type of car—can be located in the transmission. If that’s the case, your transmission may have to be removed as well, which could cost more.

Do I need a clutch master and slave cylinder replacement??

You might be able to tell if your clutch master or slave cylinder isn’t working right if the following occurs:
  • The clutch pedal goes all the way down
  • Trouble shifting gears
  • Brake fluid leaks around the clutch pedal
If any of these happen, you might want to take your car to your local mechanic as soon as you can—or else it could impact your car’s transmission.
Ideally, it’s best practice to have both the clutch master and slave cylinder checked every 24,000 miles or at your next oil change. 

How important is a clutch master and slave cylinder replacement?

The clutch master cylinder holds your car’s brake fluid. When the clutch pedal is pushed, the fluid gets transferred to the slave cylinder, which provides the pressure needed to engage the clutch.
Without the right amount of brake fluid, you run the risk of not having enough pressure to engage the clutch, thus making it hard to shift gears when driving.
Make sure to get it checked as soon as you notice something, as a malfunctioning clutch master and slave cylinder can make it unsafe to drive.

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