What is a clutch fluid replacement?

Technically, clutch fluid does not exist—it’s actually brake fluid. Stored in the clutch master cylinder, the fluid’s pressure is what helps you change gears
When you press the clutch pedal, the fluid moves from the master cylinder into the slave cylinder, allowing you to engage the clutch. If the fluid starts to leak or becomes contaminated, you might find yourself unable to shift gears or your vehicle will suffer severe damage. 

How to replace clutch fluid

Here are the steps involved in a clutch fluid replacement service:
  • The fluid’s condition is inspected
  • The clutch’s hydraulic system is inspected for leakage
  • The clutch master cylinder is filled with fresh brake fluid

How do I know if I need a clutch fluid replacement?

Anytime you bring your car in for servicing, you should have your entire clutch system checked. By having your clutch fluid regularly inspected, you can catch any major issues before they spiral out of control. 
The two main signs that you might need to replace your clutch fluid include: 
  • Leaking clutch fluid
  • Contaminated clutch fluid

How important is a clutch fluid replacement?

If your brake fluid is leaking, you won’t be able to change gears. The pressure of the fluid is what helps move the clutch. Without the extra pressure, the clutch becomes too heavy to move on its own. 
On the other hand, if your brake fluid is contaminated, the clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder run the risk of becoming extremely damaged

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