What is a clunking noise when I drive over bumps inspection?

This type of inspection sees a qualified mechanic investigate a few key areas of your vehicles. The components most likely to cause the clunking noise are as follows.
  • Loose hubcaps
  • Worn shocks and struts
  • Worn engine mounts
  • Damaged steering system
  • Worn control-arm bushings

How to inspect a clunking noise when I drive over bumps

To find the source of your undercarriage distress, a mechanic will need to undergo a complete inspection of your vehicle’s suspension system—as well as other components. There is no set order for a mechanic to follow, but most will test drive your car.
A test drive could mean driving your car around the lot listening for abnormal sounds. Alternatively, your auto-care professional may idle the engine, then cycle between the gears to find when the clunk appears.
Once the source of your clunking noise has been identified, the mechanic will give a detailed report of what causes it, the risk involved, and an estimated cost for repair.

When do I need to inspect a clunking noise when I drive over bumps?

This type of inspection should be scheduled as soon as you notice the noise coming from your vehicle. Hopefully, the clunking sound will have been caused by something minor—but if the damage results from rust or worn systems, driving on them can be hazardous.

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