What is a clear fluid leaking inspection?

During this service, a mechanic will identify which specific part of your vehicle is causing the leak. These are the usual suspects:

Water from A/C

Clear fluid originating from the front of your vehicle is most likely water. If you’ve been running the AC system a lot, condensation can form on the outer surface of your AC unit. From there, water droplets can leak onto the ground.

Failing brake lines

Clear fluid originating from the midsection of your vehicle could be due to faulty brake lines. While new brake fluid usually appears clear, used fluid will have a yellowish, brown color and a slick consistency. If you suspect this is your culprit, you should get your vehicle inspected immediately.

Leaking gas tank

This is the most dangerous possible cause of a leak and can also have a drastic effect on your vehicle’s fuel usage. Gasoline will be clear in color and will leak due to rusting or a different failure.

How to inspect a clear fluid leak

A mechanic will identify the cause of your leak by investigating critical regions of your vehicle. Depending on the location, the mechanic may lift your car to get a better look at the undercarriage.
After inspecting your vehicle, If the mechanic determines that your leak results from corrosion or a faulty part, they will recommend a replacement and give you an estimate.
If faulty brake lines cause the leak, the mechanic may bleed your new lines after replacing them—to ensure they don’t suffer a similar fate.
Here is how a mechanic will bleed new lines:
  • Check to see if the brake lines are working properly
  • Remove any excess air from the braking system
  • Top off the necessary brake fluid

How do I know if a clear fluid leak needs to be inspected?

Leaking fluid—especially when clear—is a problem no driver should ignore. While the leak is hopefully the result of something minor, some leaks can be especially hazardous, depending on the substance that is escaping.
Leaks that originate from your engine or fueling area should be inspected as soon as possible—and the same goes for any leak you cannot quickly identify.

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