What is a clean windshield washer tubes and jets inspection?

During a clean windshield washer tubes and jets inspection, a mechanic will examine the windshield washer fluid level, washer jet angles, washer fluid tubes, and the washer fluid pump.
You should first check to see if this repair is as simple as cleaning muck and debris off your washer jets, but if that doesn’t help, a mechanic might need to perform a clean windshield washer tubes and jets inspection to see what the problem is.
Your car’s windshield washer system is fairly simple as car systems go. You have a reservoir that you fill with windshield washer fluid, which connects to an electric washer fluid pump. This pump sends washer fluid through washer tubes and out of the washer jets, where it gets sprayed onto your windshield.
If your windshield washer jets, or the tubes that feed them, are obstructed by dirt, grime, or debris, they won’t be able to spray the washer fluid you need to clean your car’s windshield with.
Cleaning your windshield washer jets is a simple process, as is cleaning the windshield washer tubes.

How a clean windshield washer tubes and jets inspection is performed

Here’s what your mechanic will do to identify why your windshield washers aren’t working, and how they’ll fix the problem:
  • Inspect the windshield washers, to see if the washer fluid is spraying. They’ll check windshield washer fluid level, washer jet angles, and washer fluid tubes, plus the washer fluid pump.
  • Check the windshield washer jets, which are the culprit 99 percent of the time and are located on the hood of your car. If wiping them clean doesn’t work, the mechanic will use a small pin or compressed air to provide them with a deep cleaning.
  • Check the windshield washer tubes, to see if they’re obstructed or damaged, and clear them out or replace them as necessary.
  • Replace the windshield washer pump. This isn’t common, but these pumps can fail over time and might need to be replaced.
NOTE: If your windshield washer jets aren’t spraying at the right angle, you can easily adjust these at home using a pin or paperclip, gently nudging them in the direction you need them to spray.

Do I need a clean windshield washer tubes and jets inspection?

It’s important to perform a clean windshield washer tubes and jets inspection as soon as you suspect an issue with your windshield washer system and you’re sure you’re out of washer fluid. Your windshield washers play an important role in driving safely by clearing your windshield of dirt, mud, muck, and debris.
If you don’t feel safe doing this inspection on your own, take your car to a repair shop and ask them to do it for you. They’ll most likely charge for labor, but it shouldn’t take too long to diagnose and repair the problem.
If you need repairs, the washer pump will be the most expensive component, typically costing $20 or less, though some might cost as much as $50.

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