What is a PCV valve replacement?

The Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valve is responsible for transferring gasses inside the crankcase to the intake manifold to be burned during the engine’s combustion process. The excess fumes are then burned by the engine.
When the PCV valve of your car fails, the engine can’t redirect its excess gasses needed for the combustion process. It will run less efficiently and likely cause worse gas mileage.
During a PCV valve replacement, the mechanic will inspect the system and replace the valve if it has broken or there is any sludge buildup.

How to replace a PCV valve

The following are the steps your mechanic likely will take to replace your car’s PCV valve:
  • Locate valve and loosen the hose clamp
  • Disconnect the hose
  • Remove the valve. Some valves need to be unscrewed with a wrench or by hand, others are held in place by a rubber grommet and can be pulled out
  • Inspect hose and grommet, replace if worn down
  • Screw in the new valve by hand or push into a rubber grommet
  • Reconnect hose and secure hose clamp
  • Start the engine and check for any oil leaks
PCV valve failure can sometimes be caused by a different issue with the engine. Your mechanic should test your car’s engine after completing the PCV valve replacement to make sure there aren’t any other problems hiding away.

When should I have the PCV valve replaced?

If your car is running poorly, has a leak in the engine or underneath the car, or you hear a hissing noise coming from the engine, it’s likely time to replace the PCV valve.
It is recommended to replace your car’s PCV valve during every routine major tune-up. To prevent sludge buildup inside the oil pan, the engine oil needs to be changed, and the engine must be flushed regularly.

How important is it to have a PCV Valve replacement?

This is a service that should not be put off. A buildup of sludge may cause the PCV valve to fail, and it can result in your car running less smoothly with worse gas mileage. Beyond efficiency, a failed PCV valve can ruin your car’s air filter, cause expensive car parts to wear down, and become a fire and safety risk.

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