What is an oil change?

Oil gets dirty and less slippery as time passes. This makes it worse at lubricating the different parts of the engine. To keep your car’s engine running effectively, you’ll need to get regular oil changes.
Oil is a crucial part of a healthy engine. Engine oil keeps the different moving parts of the engine lubricated. This helps prevent friction and wear. Without proper oil, the engine can overheat or different components can become damaged.

When do I need to change my oil?

It is recommended to change your oil on a regular mileage schedule. Jerry suggests changing your oil every 5,000 miles. However, synthetic oil requires less frequent oil changes.
If the oil maintenance light is on, you should get your car checked out, even if it’s under the suggested mileage for an oil change. Or, if fluids are dripping from your car, you should bring it in.
Don’t neglect this regular maintenance—driving with low or old oil can seriously damage your engine.

How to change my oil

Changing oil used to be a fairly easy thing to do at home, but some cars now require special tools to remove the oil filter. Whether you try to change the oil yourself or you have a mechanic do it, these are the steps:
  • Raise your car.
  • Place a drain tray under the oil filter and remove the plug.
  • Let the oil drain for around five minutes.
  • Replace the drain plug and undertray.
  • Pour fresh oil into the oil can under the hood.
The mechanic will then check your oil level and start the vehicle to make sure it is running properly.
It’s also recommended to replace your oil filter whenever you get an oil change. Your filter gets clogged with the particles it is designed to trap. This makes it harder for clean oil to pass through the filter. It makes sense to do both of these replacements at once.
You should be paying between $35 and $75 for a professional oil change. Synthetic oil changes will be pricier.

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