What is a center support bearing replacement?

Center support bearings are typically found on vehicles with long drive shafts. On heavy-duty vehicles, the drive shaft is split into two sections and the center support bearing holds them together. 
When the center support bearing becomes strained, it can pose a number of problems for the transmission, the differential, and the driveshaft itself. That is why it is important to have the center support bearing regularly checked and to have it replaced if there are signs of significant wear and tear. 

How to replace a center support bearing

Here are the steps involved in replacing a center support bearing:
  • Raise the vehicle on jack stands
  • Remove the transmission driveshaft
  • Remove the center support bearing from the driveshaft
  • Install the new center support bearing to the driveshaft
  • Re-install the transmission drive shaft to the vehicle
  • Remove the vehicle from jack stands
  • Test drive the vehicle for safety 

How do I know if I need a center support bearing replacement?

Center support bearings should be checked every time a vehicle is brought in for routine maintenance. If you notice one of the following while driving, you should bring your vehicle in for a center support bearing replacement as soon as possible:
  • Squeaking or grinding sounds
  • Resistance or underperformance

How important is a center support bearing replacement?

A faulty center support bearing can be incredibly problematic. Because it supports the driveshaft, partial failure can result in a damaged transmission, differential, and/or driveshaft. 

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