Just like its name suggests, the center link, or drag link, lies at the center of your car’s steering mechanism.
The center link adjusts your wheel direction as you turn your steering wheel. On one end, it’s connected to the pitman arm, which is connected to the steering column. On the other, it’s connected to the suspension system’s steering gear and idler arm, which connects to the tie rods and helps the wheels turn.
Like any car part, the center/drag link will experience wear over time. If it stops working properly, a mechanic can replace it for you.
Here are the general steps a mechanic will take to replace your car’s drag link:
  • Inspect the center/drag link
  • Remove the center/drag link, if necessary
  • Replace the center/drag link
  • Test drive vehicle to ensure proper operation
Compared to other car parts, the center link is relatively low-maintenance. However, as part of your car’s routine maintenance, your center/drag link should be inspected when you get an oil change or lube job, or at major milestones, like once per year or every 50,000 miles. Other convenient inspection times are when you’re getting your tires or brake system serviced.
The following are signs you may need to replace your center link:
  • Wheels vibrate while you drive
  • Poor or difficult handling
  • Wobbling while you drive
  • Wheel alignment issues
A center drag link is essential for the safe operation of your vehicle. A failing center/drag link affects steering and alignment and makes your car difficult to control. Once it stops working, you won’t be able to operate your vehicle.
If you suspect your center link is developing problems, you’ll want a mechanic to take a look at it as soon as possible.

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