What is a “car will not turn over” inspection?

If your car will not turn over, you will need to take the vehicle to a qualified mechanic for an inspection of your ignition system.
When you turn your keys to switch on your car, your engine “turns over”—starts running—and then your car is on and good to go for driving.

How to inspect a car that will not turn over

A mechanic will be able to look into your engine and inspect your battery and other components in your ignition system to diagnose the problem. The most common cause is the battery, so she’ll probably inspect your battery first and verify whether you need your battery replaced or jump-started.
From there, the mechanic will also investigate the following parts:
  • Starter
  • Alternator
  • Main relay
Based on that inspection process, the mechanic can then recommend further repairs if necessary.

Is it important to have my car inspected if it won’t turn over?

Well, if you use your car to drive, then yes. Your car will be completely inoperable if it can’t turn over—so you probably know already that it’s a time-sensitive issue and should be fixed as soon as possible.

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