What is a “car shudders when turning” inspection?

If your car shudders when turning, you will need to get it inspected by a qualified mechanic. The mechanic can inspect each of the following components to find the source of the issue:
  • Power steering fluid: Low fluid means your pump and power steering rack don’t have the pressure that they need to operate properly. Low fluid might mean a leak somewhere in the power steering system, so your mechanic will need to inspect for this, too.
  • Steering line: Your power steering lines distribute fluid and pressure. If there is a block, leak, or kink in one of the lines, it can interfere with the system—and cause your car to shudder when turning.
  • Power steering pump: Your power steering pump produces pressure for the power steering system. When your pump fails, it can cause shuddering when you turn (along with whining noises and vibrations).
  • Wheel bearing: When a wheel bearing fails, it might produce a shuddering feeling when turning—though it will usually cause a roaring noise.
  • Differential: In an all-wheel-drive car, a failing differential can cause a shudder, especially when turning your car.

How to inspect a car that shudders when turning

Your mechanic will first test drive your car a couple of times to verify the shuddering and then scope out the issue. She’ll also need to check out your power steering system and other areas of your car in order to verify the issue at hand.

How important is it to get an inspection if my car shudders when turning?

If your car is operating smoothly, it shouldn’t be shuddering when you turn it. If your car shudders when turning, get it inspected right away—the issue could be a fundamental component or system in your car, such as a wheel bearing or power steering pump.

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