What is a car pulls in one direction inspection?

A car that pulls to one side can be caused by a variety of problems. A mechanic can perform an inspection to determine what is wrong with your car.
The mechanic should inspect the following:
  • Your car’s tire pressure: Low pressure on one side can change the height of the tire and cause alignment issues. Tires that are overinflated can cause similar problems.
  • Wheel alignment: Wheels that are unaligned can wear down rather quickly and cause a host of serious problems for your car.
  • Torque steer: This is when the car pulls to one side during initial acceleration. The reason could be loose steering components.
  • Brake issues: This can include a stuck caliper, collapsed brake hose, or un-lubricated slide pins.
  • Bad wheel bearing: Pulling to one side is a warning that your wheel bearing might be bad and could be hinting at other issues.
  • Worn suspension components: All suspension components wear out over time. As this happens, they will lean to one side, usually during braking, and cause the car to pull.
  • Worn steering linkage: A damaged or even broken steering linkage could lead to the loss of control of the steering wheel.

How do I know if I need an inspection for a car pulling in one direction?

Pay attention to see if the car consistently pulls in one direction while you are driving. You want to be careful while performing this test.
Of course, if you are unsure, it’s best to play it safe and visit your mechanic, who will perform the proper inspection.

How important is an inspection when your car pulls in one direction?

If a car is pulling to one side then it is unsafe to drive under any condition.
It doesn’t matter whether it’s a brake issue, wheel alignment issue, or a suspension issue; these all require the expertise of a mechanic. Don’t prolong making an appointment to get the appropriate inspection.

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