What is a car or steering wheel shakes when braking inspection?

This inspection often starts with a mechanic testing your braking system. They will see if the brake pads or shoes, which are found in the brake drums, are worn down. These require maintenance to make sure that the braking system is safe at all times.
The inspection will mostly be focused on your car’s rotors since they are often the reason behind any braking issue. A mechanic will look for the following:
  • Rotor run-out: This is where the rotors move from side to side more than they should.
  • Uneven rotors: This could be the result of insufficient tightening if the rotors were recently serviced.
  • Warped rotors: Rotors can warp under extreme stress and cause the brakes to shake.

How to service a shaking car or steering wheel

Your mechanic will determine how to fix the issue once the inspection is complete. It may involve installing new brake pads or new rotors or fixing the existing rotors.
A mechanic may have to tighten the rotors in a specific pattern to the exact torque specifications. This can fix the issue and also make sure that the rotors don’t get damaged.

How important is an inspection if your car or steering wheel is shaking when braking?

If your brakes aren’t working exactly as they should, then it’s a big problem that should be addressed right away. If brakes are shaking even a little bit, they can negatively impact other brake components. In the end, allowing this problem to linger can cost you a lot more.
A car with malfunctioning brakes should not be on the road.

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