What is a car jerks forward at high speeds inspection?

Your car should not jerk or surge when you accelerate or drive at high speeds. If this is happening, you will need to get your car inspected. A mechanic will look at:
  • How the car handles at high speeds
  • Throttle responsiveness
  • Any unusual noises
This inspection will help the mechanic identify the actual problem.

How to fix your car jerking at high speeds

A mechanic will start by plugging a code reader/scanner into your car’s computer to get a clearer idea of what part(s) are not working.
Here are some problems that could cause your car to jerk at high speeds:
  • Failing mass airflow sensor: If the issue is with the failing mass airflow sensor, your mechanic will find the sensor in the engine bay and inspect for signs of failure. They will also take a close look at the wire harness connected to the sensor and test that every wire is connected as it should be. By removing the sensor, the reason behind the failure should become evident.
  • Leaks in the vacuum hose or gasket: Your mechanic will also inspect your car’s vacuum hose and gasket for leaks. All failed components should then be replaced.
  • Fuel pump failure: To inspect the fuel pump, a mechanic may take out the gas tank to inspect the electric pump. If this is the problem, they will replace the part and then reinstall the gas tank.

How do I know if I need an inspection on a car jerking forward at high speeds?

If your vehicle is jerking or surging when you drive at high speeds then there might be an unbalanced flow of fuel and air. This can result in the car not running properly.
If your car is behaving this way consistently, then you should take it for an inspection. If left unchecked, it could further damage your car.

How important are inspections for cars that jerk forward at high speeds?

Your car surging at high speeds can be dangerous. In fact, it can make driving in heavy traffic or bad weather that much riskier. If you find that this is happening, you should immediately take your car to a mechanic for an inspection.
What causes this problem could also trigger a warning light. Any time a warning light turns on, you should go to your mechanic. By doing so right away, you can avoid the problem getting worse and avoid expensive repairs.

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