What is an inspection for a shaking or vibrating car?

If your car shakes or vibrates every time you drive, you’ll want to have this checked out. A mechanic will diagnose your car to determine what is making it shake or vibrate. Common causes include:

Tires need maintenance

When tires get worn out or go off balance, this makes the car shake as you drive. Head to a local tire shop for service. A technician will replace, realign, or rebalance the tires if they are to blame for your shaking car.

Engine misfiring

Spark plugs must fire correctly to keep the engine running as it should. If one or more spark plugs misfire, you may notice that not only is your car vibrating, but the engine is also hesitating. A technician can examine your spark plugs and clean or replace the ones that are damaged.

Worn out brake system

The brakes are usually to blame if you notice a vibration in your steering wheel each time you stop for a red light. Have your brake pads and rotors checked—they may be worn down and in need of changing. Brake pad changes are relatively simple and absolutely crucial for regular maintenance.

Suspension issues

Front suspension problems can make your car shake when you pick up speed or go over bumps. Suspensions are made up of several components—and just one damaged part can throw the whole system off. It’s also common for the shaking or vibrating to be accompanied by other noises—such as clucking, squealing, or squeaking.

Broken or worn down motor mount

The motor mount is responsible for keeping the engine’s noise and vibration at a minimum. Over time, the mount will wear out, making the vibration especially strong when your car is idling. A poorly functioning motor mount must be fixed promptly to avoid causing bigger problems with the driveline.

How important is an inspection for a vibrating or shaking car?

While there’s a chance that the problem is something relatively minor, you’ll still want to have it looked at by a professional.
Avoid driving the car more than absolutely necessary before your scheduled inspection. Bring your vehicle to a mechanic who will examine the tiresbrakessuspension, and engine. This issue is pretty common, but it’s best to address it early.

Tips for an inspection for a shaking or vibrating car

A car that shakes or vibrates while idling or in motion needs an inspection. Here are a few ways you can save time and money during the inspection process.

Double-check your warranty

If your vehicle was purchased at a dealership, make sure you know exactly how long it’s under warranty. As long as the warranty has not expired, any necessary repairs can be made at no cost to you.

Go to a reputable mechanic

Usually, the best way to find an efficient and fairly priced mechanic is by asking family or friends. You may also want to search online and read reviews.

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