What is a car is overheating inspection?

Your car’s cooling system is made up of several different parts, which circulate coolant through your engine to absorb heat as you drive. Each part needs to be in good working condition to keep the engine from literally melting under the hood.
A mechanic will diagnose the reason your car’s cooling system is failing. Common causes include:
  • Low coolant. Leaks, ruptured hoses, or hoses with loose clamps mean the coolant cannot circulate properly through the engine. Coolant levels should be checked, ensuring that the ratio of water to antifreeze is balanced and that it isn’t leaking underneath the hood.
  • Cooling fan stopped running. The purpose of the cooling fan is to draw air through your radiator when the car is driving slowly or idling in traffic. If it has died, it’s time to replace it.
  • Faulty thermostat. This is often the culprit if your car tends to overheat on the highway. When the thermostat doesn’t open the necessary amount of coolant cannot go through the engine. A repair or replacement is a must.
  • Blocked coolant passages. The more you drive, the more engine gunk gets built up in the radiator, clogging its passageways. If this happens, the coolant cannot circulate to the engine and cool it down. Yearly radiator flushes are an affordable preventative measure.

How important is an inspection for an overheating car?

Overlooking system cooling maintenance is the top reason engines fail. Whether the cause for overheating is simple overuse or a more technical issue under the hood, you must have it looked at right away.
If your car is overheating, do not keep driving as this could blow up your whole engine. You will need to contact a mechanic to inspect the cooling system and determine what repair is needed.

Tips for getting an inspection for an overheating car

Contact a mechanic

Unless you have a lot of experience working on cars, this is likely not a problem you can fix yourself. Contact a mechanic, preferably one who was personally recommended to you or has good reviews online.

Check if you are still under warranty

If you bought your car from a dealership, there is a chance your warranty isn’t up yet. Double-check the length of your warranty, if it hasn’t lapsed, the dealership will make all the cooling system repairs at no cost to you.

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