What is an inspection for a car making a noise

If your car is making a noise, an inspection by a mechanic can determine the source of the noise and how serious the problem is. 
The inspector will visually examine several components of your car’s engine, exterior, and undercarriage to see where the noise is coming from. If they find an issue, you may need to adjust or replace the malfunctioning part. 

Do I need to get an inspection for a car making a noise?

Listen carefully to your car and bring it to a trusted mechanic if it starts making a noise you can’t identify. Guessing at the cause based on sound alone could end badly if you’re not experienced with car maintenance. 
Here are a few places the inspector will look to find the source of some common car noises. 

Inside the engine 

If you hear a tapping or knocking sound, the mechanic will examine the internal components of your car’s engine to check for problems like low oil levels. 
If your oil is low, the noise you hear might be caused by components knocking against each other, which can cause serious wear and tear on the engine. 

Hoses and belts 

Hissing and screeching noises may come from a leaking hose or slipping serpentine belt inside your engine. 

Brake pads

Worn brake pads are a common cause of squealing or grinding noises, so the inspector will check that your brakes are working properly. 
A deeper noise might signal brake pads that need to be replaced immediately, so don’t hesitate to get an inspection if you hear a squeal turn into a growl.

Exhaust system 

A clanking coming from under your car might indicate a problem with your exhaust system. The inspector will look at your exhaust pipe, muffler, and other components.


If any of suspension components are damaged or worn, you might notice a clunking noise while you’re driving. 


If the noise stops while the car isn’t moving, it’s possible that you’re hearing an issue with your tires. 


If the noise isn’t coming from an internal component, the mechanic can examine the vehicle’s entire body for loose parts or debris that might be responsible. An expert eye will be able to identify any issue. 

How important is an inspection for a car making a noise?

Getting an inspection for a car making a noise is the only way to know for sure how serious the problem is. The noise could be caused by a component that’s wearing down—and you can’t predict when it will give out. 
Other noises, like engine knocking coming from dangerously low oil levels, signal serious problems that could cause extensive damage if left alone. 

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