What is happening when my car does not shift from park to drive?

In this situation, there could be several causes. Here are the things that a mechanic may check during an inspection:
  • Shift interlock solenoid or wiring
  • Transmission shift cable
  • Ignition switch or key tumbler
  • Shifter mechanism
  • Brake light switch
The simplest scenario is that the shifter itself is broken. A mechanic can quickly determine whether this is true by removing the center console to examine the mechanism. Otherwise, you may need to wait for them to complete a longer investigation.

How to get a shift system inspection

Contact an auto garage and tell them you are having problems shifting. Be sure to give detailed descriptions of any symptoms and sounds you have observed, such as slipping between gears.
Ask for an inspection of your shift system and request a quote for repair services. 

How do I know if I need to get a shift system inspection?

If your car does not shift from park to drive, you definitely need a shift system inspection. If the shifter can be moved but it’s finicky or difficult to maneuver, you should also book an inspection. 
Sometimes the first warning sign is that you cannot find the right gear easily. A second warning sign could be that the key feels loose in the ignition. Worst case scenario, you can’t shift at all. Try to get into the auto garage for an inspection before this occurs.

How important is an inspection when a car does not shift from park to drive

Safely shifting between gears is critical to accelerating smoothly. If you get stuck in a gear, this could mean disaster. Not only could you get stuck in a high gear with no way to shift down, but you could also get stuck in park. 
It’s always better to catch a problem sooner rather than later. The earlier you take in your car, the less extensive the damage and the lower your repair costs will likely be. 

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