What is a brakes, steering, and suspension inspection?

Though all these systems are related, a brakes, steering, and suspension inspection will include three separate assessments.
Brakes work with friction and a fluid pressure system. The discs or drums must be connected to the wheel for this system to work properly. The brake lines must be free of air leaks and full of brake fluids. Brake pads and shoes must be sturdy.
Your steering system includes a wheel and gear set with a rack and pinion system that attaches to a steering shaft. Power steering systems may have low fluid, which is easy to fix. It’s also possible that more complicated mechanical problems develop over time.
Suspension stabilizes your vehicle. The main parts of this system are springs, struts, shock absorbers, and tires. Poor suspension results in you feeling more bumps and jerks as you drive.

How to get a brakes, steering, and suspension inspection

Mechanics usually begin by visually assessing your systems. Especially with a brake inspection, they may need to remove a wheel or two to access the calipers, brake lines, and master cylinder. 
Brakes, steering, and suspension systems require lifting the vehicle and several hours of work. Prepare to leave your car for at least half a day for this service. 

How do I know if I need to get a brakes, steering, and suspension inspection?

Spongy or inconsistent braking is a clear signal that you need a brake inspection. Steering problems could be grinding noises or difficulty moving the steering wheel. An unusually bumpy ride means you may have a problem with the suspension.
Of course, you do not need to wait for a problem to get an inspection. This is a good service to schedule annually if you want to prevent costly issues later on.

How important is a brakes, steering, and suspension inspection

These systems are fundamental to a safe driving experience, so this inspection is very important. Without the ability to stop or steer predictably, how can you control your vehicle? 
If you suspect a problem with brakes, steering, or suspension, make an appointment as soon as possible

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