What inspection do I need if a brake warning light flashes?

The good news is that inspections for brake warning lights aren’t too complicated. Most warning lights indicate worn-down brake pads or low brake fluid—neither of which is a massive problem. Mechanics will likely check those common issues first with a quick check. In more serious cases, there could be a problem with your anti-lock brakes, which would require a more extensive inspection. 
The good news is that standard brake checks aren’t too pricey, usually costing less than $200—a hassle, but not a wallet-breaker.

When should I get an inspection if my brake light starts flashing?

You should get your brakes checked out as soon as you see a warning light. It might not be a serious problem, but it’s rarely a home fix—especially if your brake pads are worn down. The good news is that you might be able to sort some of these issues out before they pop up, as there are some telltale signs of brake issues:
  • Brakes taking a long time to react
  • Difficulty slowing down
  • You start to skid when you brake
  • You can’t switch from park to drive mode
  • Shifting gears is harder

How important is it that your brakes are stable?

Functioning brakes are a crucial part of driving. Even minor changes could make life dangerous, especially on busy roads. So, to avoid accidents before they happen, get in touch with your local mechanic as soon as you see the brake warning light pop up. They should be able to take care of everything for you!

Tips for maintaining brake safety

Brakes are a crucial and reliable part of your car, but they need to be cared for. Even the fanciest of systems can and will wear down over time. To prevent that from happening—or at least elongate their life—be sure to drive carefully. Driving too fast or braking too hard can put stress on the system, especially if you own a car poorly equipped for high-speed movement. To stay on top of things, you should also get your car serviced regularly. 

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