What is a brake pedal is lower than usual inspection?

In a hydraulic brake system, pressure from the brake pedal is transferred to the brake pads using brake fluid. During this inspection, a mechanic will bleed your brake fluid to remove any air, then refill it and examine the brakes to see if they need to be adjusted.
The brake pedal’s class-two lever gives you leverage when you press it, making it easier to apply enough effort to slow or stop the car. But over time, it can become mushy and fall to a lower level than usual.

How do I know if I need to get my brake pedal inspected?

When the brake lever isn’t working properly, you should be able to feel the difference when pressing down on your pedal. It will depress down further than usual—and can even reach the floor of the vehicle in more severe cases.
There are a few common reasons for your brake pedal to be lower-than-usual:
  • Air in the hydraulic system: As the fluid in the brake system is supposed to cause pressure, the air takes away some of that much-needed pressure.
  • Bad brake lines: Over time, brake lines can deteriorate and corrode which can lead to these lines leaking, affecting your brake pedal’s pressure.
  • Rear brakes need adjusting: The gap between the shoes and the drums increases as rear drum brakes wear. If the drums aren’t taken care of, the gap will widen, and the pedal will sink into the floor as all of the pressure is transmitted to the rear brakes.
  • Master cylinder leak: The pressure in your braking system—and pedal—will quickly dissipate if the master cylinder is leaking.
Most of these issues will arise with wear-and-tear over time—so the older your car, the more likely you’ll face problems with the pressure of your brake pedal.

How important is inspecting my brake pedal if it’s lower than usual?

It is not safe to operate your vehicle without sufficient brake pressure. If your brake pedal has sunk to the floor, schedule an appointment with a mechanic or your dealership as soon as possible.

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