What is a brake hose replacement?

When getting a brake hose replacement service, the mechanic will assess the hose to confirm that a replacement is needed. The mechanic will also check all other hoses to see if there are others due for a replacement.
The brakes need the brake hose to function—it carries the brake fluid from the brake line to the brake caliper on the wheel
If the brake hose is leaking, insufficient brake fluid would reach the brake caliper. The brakes would not be able to function at full capacity. A snapped hose would cause the brakes to completely lose their function.

How to replace a brake hose

The mechanic will follow these general steps to replace the brake hose:
  • Jack up the vehicle and support it with steel jack stands
  • Remove the wheel and tire assembly
  • Place a pan underneath the car to catch brake fluid
  • Relieve residual pressure in the brake line by briefly opening the brake caliper bleed screw
  • Detach each hose end and remove the hose
  • Install the new hose with new copper-sealing washers and factory OEM torque on the tube nut and banjo bolt
  • Bleed the brake system to remove all the air and road test vehicle
  • Do a final check for leaks after the road test

When do I need to replace my brake hose? 

If you see any physical damage or seepage, it's time to replace your brake hose.
Other signs to look out for that may indicate a damaged brake hose include:
  • Physical damage—cuts, cracks, abrasions, bulging, or rust at the hose fitting ends
  • Internal hose failure—can cause fluid blockages and is diagnosed using test gauges
  • End of lifetime—if you haven’t changed your hose in 10 years, it’s best to replace the hose
A broken hose poses a great risk to you and cars around you, as your brakes will not be fully functional. This increases the risk of a collision, as your vehicle would not stop as quickly if the car in front of you suddenly brakes.
It is recommended that you have the brake hose’s condition inspected every time your car is serviced. This allows the mechanic to monitor for any physical damages before they cause leakages. 

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