What does a battery that will not hold a charge inspection look like?

Much like getting your battery checked, your mechanic will perform tests on your battery, alternator, and starter. From there, your mechanic may be able to see right away what the issue is, or they may have to check for any other problems that may be causing the issue such as a parasitic drain.
In some cases, your battery may have to be replaced altogether before you can assess any other system-wide problems. Your mechanic will then provide you with a diagnostics report that includes the repair needed and the costs involved.

How Do I know if my battery won’t hold a charge?

It can depend on a few things. Here are some instances of what might be causing your battery not to hold a charge:
  • Bad battery cell
  • Low water
  • Bad alternator
  • Corroded battery cables
  • Loose alternator belt
  • Parasitic drain
Sometimes, a battery that won’t hold a charge can be attributed to something as simple as leaving something plugged into an “always-on” outlet or an alternator that needs to be replaced. A mechanic can check for these simple fixes or something more serious. 

How important is having my battery’s charge levels inspected?

If your battery doesn’t have the proper charge, chances are that you’re not going anywhere until you get it fixed. 
Even if you have a working alternator, it’s not safe to drive your car with a poorly working battery. Shutting your car off for a second might not allow you to crank your engine, meaning you’ll have to jump-start it—which can be a headache.
It’s essential to have a mechanic check out your car as soon as possible whenever you’re having issues with your battery to get you back up and running without a hitch.

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