What is a car battery terminal ends replacement?

When performing a car battery terminal ends replacement service, a mechanic will assess the condition of the ends to determine if a replacement is needed. The battery terminal ends connect the cables to the terminal so that electricity can travel to the engine and charging system.
The terminal ends are essentially clamps at the ends of the battery cables that connect and secure the cables to the positive and negative terminals on the battery. This is how the electricity from the battery can get to the engine’s starter and spark plugs. It also connects the battery to the alternator so that it can be recharged while the alternator is running.
Over time, corrosion will compromise the terminal ends which will break the connection between the terminal and the engine. If one of the ends breaks when the car is already off, the car won’t be able to start. If the car is running, the car can still operate, but you won’t be able to crank again after you turn it off.

How to replace car battery terminal ends

Here are the general steps a mechanic will follow to change the car battery terminal ends:
  • Locate the battery and verify that a replacement is needed before disconnecting battery terminals
  • Cut cables or unbolt connection to remove defective battery terminal ends
  • Clean battery terminals and install new battery terminal ends onto the cables and reconnect to the battery
  • Tighten battery terminal ends to the battery and coat with a battery protection spray
  • Start the engine to test for proper operation of the battery terminal ends
The battery terminal ends should be inspected during regular maintenance services and maintained to avoid issues with corrosion.

When do I need to repair my car battery terminal ends?

If you notice that your car won’t crank, you might need to have your car battery terminal replaced.
Other common signs to look out for include:
  • Green or white corrosion around the battery terminals
  • Battery light comes on
  • Vehicle will not crank

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