What is a dead battery inspection?

A mechanic will first check the amount of charge on your battery to see if your battery is dead or if it just needs to be recharged. Sometimes all it takes is a jump-start, and you should be set.
Your mechanic may also check on the alternator, starter, and other parts affected by the battery, and if those are cleared, you’re set to hit the road.

How do I know if I need to get my battery inspected?

A dead battery can happen for many different reasons. In fact, most batteries have a defined lifespan ranging anywhere from five years and up. That said, it’s likely that all batteries *will have to be replaced at some point*.
Common reasons for a dead battery include:
  • Old battery
  • Car lights left on for an extended period of time
  • Doors not closed properly
  • Dead alternator
  • Bad Starter
  • Failed main relay
Every car is different, and you may have enough power to turn on a few parts of your car or it may not turn on at all depending on the condition of your battery. A mechanic will check for this and give you a good idea of the next steps. 

How important is getting my battery inspected?

If you have a dead battery, chances are, you’re not going anywhere fast until you get it inspected ASAP. Your best bet in avoiding this is to have your battery, starter, and alternator *checked regularly* by a mechanic.
It’s also best to always have a set of jump-start cables or a portable battery charger with you in your vehicle at all times in case you run into being stranded due to a dead battery.

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