Melanie Reiff
Updated on Nov 16, 2022
A certified mechanic can help you replace the barometric sensor, which monitors the amount of air pumped into your vehicle’s engine. You may need this service when your engine isn’t operating normally and has poor fuel efficiency.
Having a functional barometric sensor is vital for monitoring how much air is being pumped into the engine and mixed with the fuel. This is why the car insurance and broker app Jerry has gathered everything you need to know about replacing your barometric sensor.
The exact cost varies between different Bentley models. For example, newer vehicle models are usually made with more expensive materials, so recent or high-end models will cost more, especially if your service requires a part replacement. Use the table below to estimate the cost for your own vehicle.
CarTotal Cost EstimateParts CostLabor CostAverage Dealer PriceEstimated Service Duration

What is a barometric sensor replacement?

When you take your car in for a barometric sensor replacement service, the mechanic will assess the condition of the sensor to determine if a replacement is needed. Any issues concerning the engine operation are inspected and fixed as soon as possible to minimize the engine damage and costs.
The engine needs the right mix of air and fuel to operate properly, so monitoring the amount of air being pumped in is important.
After the air is combined with the fuel, it is ignited with a spark to create small explosions that move the engine pistons. The barometric sensor works with the vehicle’s manifold pressure (MAP) sensor to measure factors like pressure and density. This information is then used to adjust the airflow and fuel mixture to control fuel combustion.
A broken barometric sensor will cause the engine to run lean, with too much air, or run rich, with too much fuel, both of which can damage the engine.

How to replace a barometric sensor

A mechanic will take the following steps to change the barometric sensor. Keep in mind that these steps may vary depending on where your sensor is located:
  • Verify that a replacement is needed before disconnecting the barometric sensor
  • Remove the defective barometric sensor from the bracket
  • Install the new barometric sensor onto the bracket and secure
  • Connect, test, and scan for proper operation of the barometric sensor
  • Test the vehicle to ensure the barometric sensor is operating properly
Checking the barometric sensor isn’t part of routine car maintenance, so you should bring your car in if you notice persistent changes to your car’s fuel consumption. These changes can also be caused by a MAP sensor failure.

When do I need to replace my barometric sensor?

If you notice that your fuel consumption is drastically different from the norm, you may need a barometric sensor replacement.
Other common signs to look out for include:
  • If you accidentally damaged the sensor when replacing the air filter
  • Engine is burning too much or too little fuel
  • Engine is knocking
  • Engine is idling roughly
Ask your mechanic to inspect the barometric sensor when any maintenance is done on the cooling system. This way you can catch any potential issues and be more aware of any overheating issues. The coolant should also be changed every 25,000 to 40,000 miles or according to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule.

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Keep in mind that your location is another factor that determines the final cost of repairs. Areas with higher cost of living will usually have more expensive car repair services, especially if there’s less local competition. Check out the table below for an estimate of what Bentley drivers pay in different cities.
CityCarTotal Cost EstimateParts CostLabor CostAverage Dealer PriceEstimated Service Duration
West Point
Jerry doesn’t just offer fair price repair estimates for Bentley drivers! Our team of writers has collected everything you need to know for every car. Here’s how much the repair costs for some popular cars:
CarTotal Cost EstimateParts CostLabor CostAverage Dealer PriceEstimated Service Duration
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