What is a front ball joint replacement?

If your front ball joints seem to be degrading, a trusted mechanic can help you replace them.
Ball joints are part of your car’s suspension, which keeps your car’s driving stable and smooth. Ball joints work like, well, joints: consisting of a ball and socket, they connect your suspension’s steering knuckles and control arms and help them move. They also help your vehicle maintain proper alignment.
Ball joints are covered by a protective boot that holds in grease and keeps out debris. Your car will have multiple ball joints; how many depends on what kind of suspension system you have.

How to replace front ball joints

Here are the steps a mechanic will take to replace your vehicle’s front ball joints:
  • Inspect front ball joints
  • Remove and replace ball joints, if needed
  • Inspect suspension system
  • Test drive vehicle to ensure proper operation

When do I need to replace my front ball joints?

They may last a while, but ball joints will inevitably wear out over time. The following are signs you may need to replace them:
  • Looser or more difficult handling
  • Vibration while steering
  • Involuntary, side-to-side drifting
  • Strange noises from front wheels
  • Abnormal tire wear
Faulty ball joints can often cause problems before you’re able to notice them, like issues with wheel alignment. This could affect their contact with the road and lead to more wear on your tires.
It’s recommended to replace all your ball joints at the same time.
Putting off this repair is a safety hazard. Once your ball joints fail, you’ll immediately be unable to control your vehicle, and you don’t want that to happen while you’re on the road. If you suspect your ball joints might be having issues, you should have your mechanic inspect them.

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