What is a car reverse light switch replacement?

Also known as backup lights, a car’s reverse lights serve the purpose of signalling to drivers and pedestrians that your vehicle is backing up. The reverse lights are controlled by the reverse light switch that is located under the hood of the car.
When a car’s gear is in reverse, a signal is sent to the reverse light switch to turn on the reverse lights. When the gear is taken out of reverse, the signal is sent to the switch to turn the reverse lights off.
If your car’s reverse light switch stops working, you’ll need to get it replaced. You may be able to do it yourself if you’re confident in your skills, but a mechanic can also complete the replacement.

How to replace a car’s reverse light switch

A car’s reverse light switch can malfunction for a variety of reasons. In this service, a mechanic will first confirm that the reverse light switch needs to be replaced.
The car will be lifted onto jack stands, where the defective reverse light switch will be removed from the transmission and replaced with a new one.
After the switch has been installed, the jack stands will be removed and the switch will be tested to ensure it is functioning appropriately to control the reverse lights.

Do I need to replace my car’s reverse light switch?

Common signs of a defective reverse light switch include reverse lights that are not working, won’t turn off, or only work intermittently.
As malfunctioning reverse lights may be caused by a variety of factors, it is recommended that you have your reverse light switch assessed by a professional to determine if it needs to be replaced.

How important is it to replace my car’s reverse light switch?

A defective reverse light switch can prevent drivers and pedestrians from knowing the direction your vehicle is travelling in, and in turn, may impact the safety of those around you. Because of the risks posed by a broken backup light, the law requires every vehicle to have operational reverse lights.
It is important to diagnose and replace a malfunctioning reverse light switch as soon as possible.

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