What is an axle shaft seal replacement?

During an axle shaft replacement, a mechanic will have to remove each tire of your vehicle to inspect for damage. It’s a long process—and it can have expensive consequences, such as damage to adjacent components.
Replacing an axle shaft seal is a service that should never be ignored. Even a small leak could mean big trouble for the most important parts of your vehicle.

How to replace an axle shaft seal

The initial step of any axle shaft seal replacement is to investigate both the seal and the damage. To do this, a mechanic will usually lift your vehicle using jack stands and remove all four wheels. The next steps are as follows:
  • Remove the front and rear brake calipers and brackets
  • Remove the front axle 
  • Replace the faulty seal with a new one
  • Add a new differential gasket
  • Refill the axles with fluid
  • Reinstall the tires
  • Remove the vehicle from the jack stand
  • Pump the brakes
  • Conduct a road test to confirm proper operation
If the axle shaft seal has damaged other areas, the process will become a little messier. The mechanic may ask you to leave your car at the shop while they order new parts or investigate what needs repair and replacement.

When do I need to replace my axle shaft seal? 

It’s often hard to tell when an axle shaft seal needs replacement, but being diligent can ensure the other precious parts of your engine and driveshaft are safe from possible leaks. 
Here are some common symptoms of a compromised axle shaft seal:
  • Fluid leaking from the front wheels of your vehicle
  • Low transmission fluid 
  • Differential fluid is low

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