What is an air suspension compressor replacement?

If your compressor has begun to fail, a mechanic can help you replace it.
There are a number of different vehicle suspension types out there, and one of them is air suspension. Rather than gas-powered shocks, an air suspension system uses durable rubber airbags to keep your car stable while you drive.
The air suspension compressor is the part that powers the system and helps the airbags fill and deflate. The compressor works together with sensors to adjust them as needed.

How to replace a car’s air suspension compressor

Here are the general steps a mechanic will take when replacing your vehicle’s airbag springs:
  • Inspect the air suspension compressor
  • Remove the air suspension compressor, if faulty
  • Install new air suspension compressor
  • Test air suspension compressor and vehicle to verify it’s working

When do I need to replace my car’s air suspension compressor?

The following are signs you may need to get your air suspension compressor checked out:
  • More difficult handling
  • Compressor isn’t running at all
  • Strange sounds coming from compressor
  • Sagging
Your air suspension compressor isn’t a part that’s frequently inspected during a standard car maintenance check-up, so if you’re worried there’s an issue with yours, you’ll want to mention it specifically to your mechanic.
Your suspension system affects your car’s stability and handling. When it’s working well, it helps you maintain a straight path and turn corners smoothly. A failing air suspension compressor is a serious safety hazard, so you don’t want to put off replacing one.

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