What is a car airbag spring replacement?

A mechanic can help you replace your airbag springs if they’ve begun to fail.
Airbag springs are part of your car’s air suspension system, which operates with the help of an electric air pump or compressor. As a system, your car’s suspension keeps your car stable as it moves.
The suspension’s compressor works together with sensors to adjust the inflatable airbag springs as driving conditions change.
There are multiple kinds of airbag springs, but most can be classified under these two categories:
  • Sleeve style: Smaller in diameter and relatively flexible, sleeve-style air springs are designed with lift and ride stabilization in mind. They’re more ideal for tight spaces when the vehicle load will be lighter.
  • Convoluted/Bellows style: Wider and larger, these tend to have heavier load capacity and are commonly used in trailers, heavy-duty pickup trucks, and tow trucks.

How to replace a car’s airbag springs

Here are some typical steps a mechanic will take when replacing your vehicle’s airbag springs:
  • Examine the airbag springs
  • Remove the airbag springs, if faulty
  • Install new airbag springs
  • Start the vehicle to verify the airbag springs level the vehicle properly
  • Test drive the vehicle to ensure proper operation

When do I need to replace my car’s airbag springs?

Here are some signs you may need to replace your vehicle’s airbag springs:
  • More difficult handling
  • The compressor seems to be running more
  • Sagging or bouncing as you drive
  • Dipping or leaning when braking or accelerating
Airbag shocks are typically pretty durable, but they’ll inevitably degrade over time. It’s recommended that your airbag springs are checked anytime you have a standard car maintenance check-up.
If they’ve begun to fail, replacing your airbag springs as soon as possible is important, because they also affect how well you’re able to handle your vehicle, including when you’re turning corners. By leaving the problem unaddressed, you could increase your risk of getting into an accident.

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