What is a car air pump replacement?

If your car’s air pump is no longer working due to wear and tear, a mechanic can replace it. 
The air pump sends oxygen into the exhaust system to help with fuel combustion and prevent smog. When it stops working, your vehicle will emit extra emissions into the air, contributing to pollution.
The cost of this service can vary widely, depending on the type of car you drive. The average cost is between $450 and $550.

How to replace a car air pump

If your air pump is faulty, your mechanic will: 
  • Raise the car hood
  • Remove the old air pump
  • Install a new one
Finally, they'll test the new pump to ensure it’s fully functional before you drive home.

How do I know if I need my air pump replaced?

Here are the most common warning signs:
  • Your Check Engine light turns on
  • You fail an emissions test due to a faulty air pump
  • The engine feels rough while driving
  • Your acceleration feels weaker than normal

How important is a car air pump replacement?

It’s best to get an air pump replacement as soon as you realize there’s a problem. Your car will still run while the air pump is faulty, but your engine won’t work properly—and your car will emit extra pollutants as you go.
Additionally, you won’t be able to pass a state-required emissions test if your air pump is worn-down or malfunctioning.

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